Monday, February 16, 2009

Reading Roundup - Week Seven

Can you believe we're this far into the year already?
It's been a doozy so far, that's for sure.
To be honest, I don't miss taking a class this semester.
I just have to make sure I head back next semester - I only have four classes (and my thesis) to complete before I finish my masters, so I don't want to give up just yet.
Sadly I can't quite focus my reading just yet.
I'm still trying to get my pleasure reading done in one big gulp.
Only one book finished this past week, Tom Holt's You Don't Have to be Evil to Work Here, But it Helps (13).
Quite a good read - I liked it, and remember just last week, or the week before I was totally off Tom Holt.
Well, not totally off, but on a break.
I started The Glass Castle this week, and I'm checking it out for the Freshman Reading Selection Committee.
Has anyone else read this book?
Any thoughts?
Alright, off to get ready for our trip.
Bon voyage!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I loved the Glass Castle. Two dysfunctional parents - yet they somehow manage to raise a family that loves each other very deeply. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.

PS - When will you be finishing your PhD?