Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sharing Secrets

I'm up late tonight because I just got back from an event on campus.
We went to see Frank Warren give a discussion about Post Secret.
It was everything I expected it to be, and more.
First let me tell you, Frank is a truly wonderful, humble, and deeply sensitive man.
He endeared himself to the audience by being self-effacing, and making everyone feel that sharing a secret is a treasured opportunity to connect with another human being.
As I watched him discuss secrets that didn't make it into his first book, he stood in front of the projected image and I was struck by the tall shadow he cast onto the screen.
It occurred to me that Frank is the priest to whom we confess our secrets, and that tall shadow, showing no face, is the almighty amorphous being, a god-like creature.
Well, it sounded better when I shared it with my friend Wendy, but I think you know what I mean.
Anyway, I see the post card, I see the man, but I also see that he is so much more than that. Frank stumbled upon his meaning in life and now he is someone intent on performing a service to the world.
(Frank Warren the deus ex machina.)
He is very much into making people aware that there are alternatives to suicide too.
As part of the event, he opens up the microphone and invites people to share their secrets.
Honestly, some of them were too painful to share here, and some had scary specifics about exactly what secret that person carried around with them.
Everyone, and I mean everyone, even the biggest naysayer who didn't want this to happen (he's a faculty member), left affected.
He told me he has a lot to think about.
That's a start.
We hung around afterward and got to meet Frank.
DN1 was the coordinator for this event - she pushed to get him on campus - so she was determined to meet him.
Here she is with Frank:

I was glad to have the opportunity to let him know I love what he is doing.
If you haven't discovered Post Secret yet (and if you've been reading my blog, I've told you several times to head over there), perhaps now is the time you'll stop and take a look.
And who knows, maybe he'll show up in your neck of the woods someday.

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KnittingReader said...

What a wonderful experience for you and DN1!

Secrets can be so powerful.