Friday, February 15, 2008

In the Name of Bob

I thought this Ballard Street comic would make you laugh:
DN2 names everything Bob. She has 3 goldfish and they are all named Bob -- Bob, Bob Jr. and Bob III. She has a birthmark she calls Bob the Happy Slug. And then there are all the Bob jokes.
You know those - I shouldn't have to repeat them (although I will if pushed).
Boring Valentine's Day in my household - I worked until 5:00 (gasp!) and then had class at 6:00, so no special gifts.
Oh well.
And no knitting to show you - I've been spending too much time reading and falling asleep watching tv. Kind of dangerous with size 7s in your hands, but I know many of you have done that too.
Raise your hand if you have - but don't poke yourself in the eye with your needle while doing it!


Caroline said...

Isn't there some British saying like, "quicker than you can say, 'Bob's your unce'"? Seems like I remember the thieves in One Hundred and One Dalmations say that.

Where those beautiful roses delivered to you??

Micky said...

Even though there was a picture, that was so not what was going through my mind.