Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Day at the Hospital

Today DH had surgery to reconstruct his ACL.
We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 and he went into surgery at 7:30.
He wasn't done until after 10:15, and I couldn't see him until after 11:15, so I sat there reading, listening to my iPod and knitting a simple K1 P1 scarf I don't even really like.
It kept my hands busy.
And now they'll be busy again ripping it out.
He wasn't allowed to leave the hospital until 3:30, so we had a very long day.
I'm exhausted and didn't even have surgery!
This is one of the many reasons why I am not a nurse.
Except for giving the medicine.
"It's time for your Percocet!"

(Personal to Sheri and Jean: I was so irritated today that I almost channeled DZ. I saw someone from transport taking an older woman down the hall in a bed but he was only using one hand to push her because the other was connected to his cell phone!! He was talking the entire time he pushed her down the hall!! I think I may actually write a letter to the hospital. So unprofessional. And I'm sure this lady did not want to hear his conversation.)

(Personal to Jean: Hope J and HS/SS are doing okay.)


Angelika said...

Days like that are no fun, but at least you got to knit.

Caroline said...

That does sound like a long day! It's good that you had your knitting though.

Yikes! Isn't recovery after ACL surgery kind of long? I had a student who "blew out" both of hers, and she was gone for weeks....of course, she may have been enjoying have the time off from school since her home teacher only came once a week.