Friday, February 01, 2008

32 days of blogging

Today is Friday, February 1st.
I have officially blogged everyday in the month of January.
That, my friends, is nothing short of a miracle.
That I completed two outstanding (as in "not finished", not as in "excellent") projects is also a miracle.
My class started last night and I have to admit that I spent the entire time feeling like not only an idiot but like I've made the biggest mistake of my life.
What hubris to think I have the G2 (trans. intelligence) to succeed in higher education.
Well I was able to put things in better perspective today after thinking things through (trans. rationalizing). And then my friend at work, Claire, said to me, "Well you don't have to say anything in class. Stay quiet and you'll learn something. Good for you."
I like Claire and I like her advice.
Essentially in a room of 12 students with everyone trying to be the shining star there is always room for a snarky bitch who sits there and keeps her mouth shut.
I have found my role.
I will continue to march, I will continue to read The Metamorphoses of Ovid, and I will continue to consider knitting Shifting Sands along with Angelika.
She intimidates me as much as the other graduate students, but that's cool.
I trust her more.

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Angelika said...

Me? Intimitating? Naaah, but full of smart remarks sometimes, especially if my brain works properly without a cold.