Monday, February 04, 2008

Fulfilling a Promise to Myself

Look what I bought for myself:Couldn't beat the price -- $14.00.
This is the first pair of skates I've owned since I was 14 or so.
I'm so excited.
Now let's see how long it takes before I get down to the skate rink.
DN2 didn't want a pair so I'll have to go off by myself.
We'll see if she lets me.


Angelika said...

I used to have a pair like this. I loved to skate, but in this neck of the woods there is no skating rink to be found. Go figure. It was almost shorts day yesterday.

Jennifer said...

You go girl! Now you just need pompons and handknit thick socks to go with those ice skates. OK, and maybe a handknit hat, scarve, mittens. You get the idea.

I hope you have a great time.

$14 did you say? Wow. Double Wow.