Sunday, February 03, 2008

Why the Giants Won

Go ahead.
Blame me.
Or praise me.
(I'd go with the latter.)
The Giants won because I didn't watch the game.
I walked through the living room twice - walked through, mind you, didn't stay - and the Giants were holding their 10-7 lead.
On the third time through I paused and watched.
On a 3rd and goal the Patriots scored.
DH told me I had to leave because I had just brought them bad luck.
I agreed and left with just over 2 1/2 minutes in the 4th quarter.
(Sorry Patriots fans, I like the Patriots; I don't like Tom Brady.)
I went back upstairs and SN2 came storming into my room and said, "The Giants won!"
I replied, just as enthusiastically, "You know why?"
He said, "Because you left the room!"
So blame me.
Or praise me.
But I'm glad it was the Giants who won.
Just doing my part for the NFL.


Kat said...

I spent part of my childhood in NJ and my teenage/young adult years in CT... so I've got a torn loyalty. I always loved the Pats because they were the underdog for soooo long (have you ever been to the old Foxboro stadium? hardly up to national standards). But now they are celebrities a la Tom Brady (I find anyone who dates a Victoria Secret model obnoxious) and so it was nice to see the Giants come from behind and get the rings.

Caroline said...

Poor Kai had to watch the Superbowl all by himself since his dad and I had NO interest in who wonwhatsoever...and we call ourselves American??

Instead, I wasted my entire afternoon watching all of Season 7 of The Gilmore Girls. Russ was supposed to have ordered Season 6 because there is an episode that is totally devoted to knitting! I guess we'll have to make another Netflix order