Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Size of My Class

I was called upon to teach Sunday School this past week.
I'll pause while some of you laugh.
Hey, I'm good with the kids, we have a good time, and I am able to keep inappropriate comments out of my conversation for a few hours out of the week.
Now the great thing about New York schools as opposed to Virginia schools - or really DoD schools which is all we know - is that the kids get a week off in February for a mid-winter break and then another week in April for spring break. Do any other state schools do that?
Of course it never coincides with the college's spring break.
Could be.
So because many families have (a) money, (b) the ability to take a vacation from work, (c) a husband who is not recovering from knee surgery, and (d) someone to watch their pets or no pets, they are able to take a vacation.
We're here - but that's okay.
I went to church on Sunday with DN2 because it is her class for which I am a substitute. I want to show you a picture of all the kids in my class this Sunday:
Tell me she didn't love having individualized attention for an hour and a half (I was also teaching Children's Church too). So we left at 11:30 instead of 12:00 with a lesson left untaught. That can be taken care of next week when more kids are around.
And because there was no one else around I put in a few rows of my kerchief, again from Last Minute Knitted Gifts:This is what I worked on at the movies and you can see it is a simple garter stitch kerchief scarf using yarn from my stash - yea for me!
The yarn is Shine Worsted from Knit Picks and I'm interested to see how it looks when it is tied around my neck directly under my double chin.
Sounds attractive already, right?
Perhaps I'll use it as a head scarf.

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Angelika said...

Hey, wrong project here. What happened to the shifting sands? Did you get some yarn for it? I haven't desided yet, so let me know, when you cast on. :)