Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happiness is...

Do you remember the old Peanuts comic strips where "Happiness is..." something?
I miss those simpler days.
But you do have to find happiness somewhere, even during February in New York.
Not a pretty time of year.

I am happy about some things:
Micky is back!
Chuppah lace.
The writer's strike is over -- while I didn't miss tv that much I worried about Peaches who was affected.
Friends with secrets (you know who you are).
Longaberger Easter baskets.

And to answer a couple of questions:
Caroline asked who had the milk in the tea - that was DH, not me. I don't necessarily take my tea black. I have, but I like to use sugar, no cream. Unless the tea is really strong. PG Tips and Typhoo have a tendency to need milk to smooth out the taste.
Gayle asked if I had used my ice skates yet. Not yet, but seeing the state of my driveway this morning I would only need to get out a zamboni, clear off the snow, and use that for my own personal rink.

Now off to get ready for work.


Jennifer said...

Awwww... I love those Peanuts cartoons. I used to read them all the time. Happiness is knowing Cool Jewel!

Micky said...

You are just too sweet.
I missed you too.