Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ten Thoughts on a Sunday

1. A wind chill in the minus range always sucks.
2. Running into white outs while driving sucks.
3. Driving by and seeing a car flipped on its roof sucks absolutely.
4. The price of gas still sucks ($3.27 a gallon).
5. Having to sell your RV and SUV because of the price of gas must really suck.
6. Having a husband so "high" on Percocet that he actually wants to drink a cup of tea with you surprisingly does not suck.
7. Feeling winter outside but seeing spring bloom in my kitchen does not suck.
8. Going to Ben Franklin for craft supplies never sucks.
9. Watching movies and great tv shows all weekend doesn't suck either.
10. Knitting while watching tv never, ever sucks at all.
And how was your weekend?

1 comment:

Angelika said...

I'm still keeping my Cherokee and my Mustang :)