Monday, October 01, 2007

Purl Called It

I should have listened.
But no, I didn't think it would happen in Rochester.
After all Purl lives in Houston, a big ole city with lots of folks.
Who lives in Rochester after all.
The population of Prince William County in Virginia is larger than this city.
But Purl called it.
She knew better than I did.
It's like this: I tried to get Hannah Montana tickets on Saturday and couldn't.
I was on the internet, credit card in hand at 10:00 and could not get through.
Oh I got into the word verification part of Ticketmaster, but then the system got hung up.
By the time I could actually get past that the tickets were sold out.
Apparently this is happening all over the country.
Scalpers are snatching up the tickets and then reselling them.
I'm sorry, I wish I could take my daughter to see this concert but I refuse to pay more than face value for these tickets. And I will not pay $2000 -- yes, 2000 smackeroos -- for four tickets to a concert.
The seller on eBay doesn't even live in New York -- he (or she) is in DC!!!
This is obscence.
I think we'll just watch Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel and be satisfied we have cable.


Angelika said...

That is plain nuts.

Purl said...

I am SO sorry about this! The paper here had ridiculous stories about parents who paid that much because they didn't want to disappoint their kids. Well, how about disappointing your kids when you don't have enough money to pay the bills?

Kat said...

What kind of a mother are you anyhow? All that teaching your kids priorities and financial responsibility and that sometimes you have to do without and all... it down right disgusting. ;)

Micky said...

One day I checked and there were 2800+ people in front of me in line. The next day, there were almost 500. Then the next day, I got my invite.
They are trying to send out quite a few invites at a time now.
So it looks really good for you to get in soon.