Monday, October 15, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

This weekend flew by.
So much going on, so little sleep, and a weekend rounded-out by a 4-hour A Haunting mini-marathon on a dreary Sunday afternoon.
Much to tell - so much I'll have to break it up into two posts.
And not much knitting, although like a security blanket yarn never left my side but it was rarely brought out into daylight.
I came home from work on Friday and shortly after I arrived at home my sister-in-law and her sister-in-law, Keiko showed up.
Not unexpected, mind you.
We knew they were coming and they were only in town for a quick overnight visit, but we packed a lot into the time.
DN2 had swimming practice and we went to watch that while SN2 finished his soccer game across the city. Once we were all gathered together we ordered dinner from the Greek restaurant (where they serve Greek food, as opposed to the restaurant run by the Greeks where they serve diner food - big distinction). I'm not crazy about eating at 9:00 at night but that's what we did.
We woke up early raring to go because they had to be at the airport by 2:30, I had to be on the road to pick up DN1 for our adventure (more later!) by 2:00 and we wanted to go pick pumpkins.
Now picture this.
Keiko-san has not had a vacation in almost 12 years.
This is her first time in the States (she's Japanese).
She went to NYC, saw the sights, met the actors from Mary Poppins (!), and now she's in Western NY. You can't round out your NYS experience without doing something fall-like and festive, right?
By the way, my SIL brought me some perfume from NYC - and you cannot believe how grateful I am. I have been out of my favorite perfume for over 6 months. Yes, it's true! I have not smelled good for over 6 months!
Believe it or not she got me two bottles! (It's expensive if purchased retail, but she got it from a wholesaler in NYC for half the cost.)
I'm over the moon - it's the only perfume I wear and I just haven't bought any since I ran out so I haven't been wearing anything. This is it, baby, the only one for me:
But enough about me and my smell (and damn, I do smell good right now).
We left home to hit the pumpkin patch, and surprisingly enough everyone wanted to go!
(We were only missing DN1 and that's because she had to work. She was missed by all.)
But first we had to go see my mother and my aunt:

And then we headed out to the pumpkin patch:

A good time was had by all - check out these pictures:

Then we zoomed back home and I left to pick up DN1. Where were we headed? Well this picture might give you a hint.

More to come tomorrow....

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Jennifer said...

OOOh - I love family visits that end up in the pumpkin patch. How fun! Utterly autumn-ly family fun.