Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wear a Sweatshirt

It's getting colder and I'm not turning my heat on.
Not yet anyway.
My next meter reading is on 5 November and then after that on 5 December. If we can make it past 5 December without turning the heat on we'll save ourselves a huge gas bill for December.
January and February are another story.
In the meantime everyone is just going to have to dress a little warmer than they have been.
It is hard on the visiting company.
You know who I mean - that pack of teenage boys who show up here in the middle of the night and camp out on every available sleeping surface.
Suck it up.
That's what I say.
So DN2 has a swim meet this weekend.
She has to swim the third leg in a relay, 25 m freestyle and 25 m backstroke.
This swimming thing is all so new to me - none of us has ever done it before.
But I do know that if she doesn't improve on her dive into the water she's going to lose seconds every single time. She just can't dive to save her life. She falls into the water right on her belly. I don't know what the issue is but I do feel like walking over and trying to straighten her out. I should have my cousin come and teach her - she taught me how to dive when I was 5 and then she was actually my diving coach in high school. I won't win any awards for diving - after all that was 25 years ago (gasp), but I do get the concept of a smooth entry. I guess the swimming coaches are working on swim strokes and perhaps diving isn't as important. Who knows. I may have to send my cousin an email - after all she is DN2's PE teacher now.
I was a little irritated yesterday about this swimming thing.
There is a lady there who handles the registration and payment and when I wrote out my large check to her she said I could post-date it, which I did for the 17th (payday). Yesterday was the 17th last I checked. Which means my check should have been deposited only yesterday. Well it cleared on Tuesday evening. Which means she completely ignored my request to cash it on or after the 17th and deposited it on Monday.
It did clear but I did get an insufficient funds fee.
She is also a realtor, so I have my suspicisions about her "faux friendliness".
I may have to say something to her and I certainly won't trust her in the future and I'll be keeping my eye on her that's for sure.


Angelika said...

I guess you'll have to knit up a couple of sweater really quick for the company? I know what you mean about the "friendly" people. Realtors, car salesmen, recruiters ;), phone solicitors,... they are all the same. You could just strangle them sometimes.

Kat said...

What kind of person cashes a post-dated check? Heinous.