Saturday, October 27, 2007

Can I Tell You... much I love Ravelry.
I haven't even taken the time yet to do 1/4th of the options available to users.
But I did buy this yarn yesterday at Spirit Work mostly because it was 50% off and I like the color.Of course I had no idea what I would do with 2 small skeins.
Then I went onto Ravelry and found someone who had used it to make Odessa.
What a great pool of information for ignorant knitters like me.


Jennifer said...

That's a great use of Ravelry. It's an amazing site. I get sucked in all the time and feel like crying "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up." But it's a great black hole to fall into. : )

Caroline said...

I waited so long for my Ravelry invite, and then when I finally did get it, I didn't do much with it...until this past week. It is amazing! I love the access to free patterns.

I like the Odessa hat. The only thing is that I can't imagine it leaving any possibility for a "good" hair day after you take it off:(

I need to cry on your "cyber" shoulder, Julie. I got my thesis back from the Graduate Studies office
yesterday, and it's practically bleeding in ink. What's the deal annoying Phd. candidate? Trying to show your superiors how much you can mark up an innocent paper?? I like to use semicolons when I combine compound-complex sentences. For example, "Since Julie has already completed a Master's thesis herself, I know that she understands my pain; but because she is more careful, I doubt that she made as many mistakes on her paper as I seem to have made on mine." She says that I needa comma instead of the semicolon, but I think I need the stronger punctuation there. Ahhhh! I like long complex sentences. I must have twenty of them that I guess I have to find and change! But I don't want to change them. They're part of my style!!! Whew! I feel better. Thanks:)