Saturday, September 29, 2007

You can winterize anything

Yes, I know it is almost winter.
Yes, I realize that up here we get snow and it stays, not like in Virginia where it snows a bit, people freak out and then they delay work (and if it's really bad OPM shuts down the government; speaking of which, you want to know who is really running the government -- it's the Office of Personnel Management).
Anyway, my mother and aunt gave me a bit of cash for my birthday. Not a lot, mind you. Remember they come from poor farmer stock and they grew up during the Depression so they can be rather frugal. I call it cheap but...whatever.
So I've been holding onto that money for several weeks. That I haven't spent it is a feat all in its own right - I'll pause so you can recognize this.
Okay, I've been trying to figure out what I really want to get for myself. I already got my lovely Jordana Paige bag which is still holding the tragedy formerly known as my sad attempt to make a sock. I thought about putting the money towards an electric ballwinder but then I also really wanted to put it towards a new bike. I have a bike already; her name is Sister Agnes. She is a dirty old girl, formerly owned by a nun (really!) and my cousin gave her to me. Sister Agnes is old but durable, no bells or whistles and I ride her everyday.
But today I took DH down to the bike shop in town to go see what they had. I had already considered settling for a white bike they had in stock and calling her Martine. I'm not real crazy about white cars or bikes -- after three years of living in Okinawa where all they really have are white cars, I definitely shy away from that color. And of course as with any vehicle color is the most important thing -- and for me so is the name!
Martine is not to be, for when we walked in the door this is what we saw:

Isn't she beautiful!
That was it - I was in love.
I took her for a test spin but I knew I was going to purchase her before I even climbed on the comfy seat (wide enough to hold my fat butt!).
Now she is sitting in the shop being held for me on layaway -- I have 2 months to finish paying off the balance and then I can bring her home and name her.
Just in time for winter.
But hey, up here you can winterize anything.


Caroline said...

Beautiful, especially the pink color, I think I detect. Did you get an email from me last week. I think I've lost your address and I want to send you a book.

Purl said...

I love your new bike! I need to ride mine once in awhile.

Was thinking about you this weekend and wondering how you like your bag.

And it's still hot here: 90s!

Jennifer said...

Oh she's lovely. Maybe you'll name her Purl, or Mabel, or Ethyl or Pinky Tuscadero. I know you'll have a great time with her. She just needs a basket on the front or saddle bags so you can store your knitting. Enjoy!