Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weekend Plans

Unfortunately my weekend plans do not involve going to Rhinebeck.
Sad to say.
But I've come to terms with it.
I have much more important family matters to which I need to attend.
First, we have our annual cousins lunch on Saturday. I didn't make it last year and I cannot recall why. Class? No. Soccer? Could be. It was something I know. I'd look but it's early and I'm still waking up.
Then we have to take DN2 to her first swim meet! We still don't have the location or the time of the meet but I've been assured it is in the afternoon. It had better be. She should do well with the swimming portion - but she hasn't mastered diving into the pool yet.
I was talking to my cousin Janet yesterday and I will see her on Saturday and I can't wait.
I love my cousin - actually many of my female cousins are all like older sisters.
And I'm the baby of the family.
Always and forever, and I don't let people forget it.
(Fortunately I have moved past spoiled brat to bossy, opinionated loudmouth but I consider it my birthright.)
Anyway after the swim meet we are taking DN1 to the mall so she can buy some new clothes for her birthday and for a conference she has to attend in DC sometime this month. Don't ask me specific days.
That takes care of Saturday - and it's pretty jam-packed.
Sunday I have been asked to teach Sunday School (yes, young impressionable minds to mold in my own fashion) and then I have to spend the rest of the day baking for work on Monday. We have monthly birthdays and we all rotate who will bring in the food each month. This month it is my turn.
So I will sit on the couch knitting and watching tv as my quick breads bake and think of my blogger friends down in Rhinebeck buying yarn for me to covet.
What is everyone else doing this weekend?

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Purl said...

Sounds like great weekend plans. Despite moving back home to Texas, I don't see extended family as often as I like. (Another consequence of too much work)

And why is it that everything is scheduled on the same weekend?

I have a girls' night out scheduled Friday night, which will be terrific. Saturday I've been invited to a 1st birthday party, but I might not go. At the very most, I will know 2 people there. And Sunday is church and a home tour in our office neighborhood--very old bungalows.