Friday, October 19, 2007

I Need to Stop Walking Around Town in my Nightgown

I had another crazy dream last night.
Well I always have crazy dreams.
But last night I dreamed that I was shopping for groceries and driving around in my nightgown and fortunately I hadn't run into anyone. I saw a girl I knew from work and I thought she hadn't seen me but then she said hi as she was passing.
SOOOO embarassing.
And in my dream I said to myself, "I have to stop walking around town in my nightgown."
Then I thought, "Well here's my next blog post."
Somehow real life and the imaginary one are slowly melding together.
So even though this event never actually happened, I'm still recreating it here for you.
Strange stuff. Strange mind. Be glad you can't see what I see.
Well DH got corralled into being a Marshal at the swim meet being hosted by our swim club in November. He thought it was for one day and it is for both Saturday and Sunday!! Of course when you're sent emails you can ignore them but when they corner you at a swim practice, you really can't run away.
And all a Marshal does is make sure the kids aren't running the halls or hitting someone in the head with a ball while they're waiting for their time to swim.
For about 5 hours each day. Yikes.
Glad he spoke up first.
Ha! (I know he'll read this and say something.)


Caroline said...

Hi Julie, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I think I just need some lessons in time mangement. You're almost making me miss swinning...but I'm kind of glad that our season doesn't start for another couple of months.

I'm reading Anne of the Island too. I love the first Anne books so much. After she has kids of her own, I kind of lose interest, but I think I'll read the first four for the KAL.

Kat said...

My mom always drove us to school in her bathrobe. Always. And the funny thing was that the car always stalled in puddles, so the trick was to get there and back without hitting a puddle, which made for some crazy driving.

Hey, and remember when we were kids the ladies would all walk around in curlers covered in scarves?