Friday, October 12, 2007

Where I've Been Spending My Time

I've been getting in some good quality (anti-social) knitting time.
How, you ask.
By sitting at the pool watching DN2 at swim practice.

I can see this swim team thing will slowly eat up all my free hours in a week.
But you know, I'm glad.
She needs something to do, she absolutely loves swimming (yes, even laps), and I can't get her out of the water once practice ends.
The photo above is an end-of-practice shot. Two swimmers left in the pool, the one on the right with the dark cap is mine. See what I mean?
So I sit on my butt on the bleachers getting bleacher butt and a back ache because there's nothing to lean against, I listen to my iPod, and I knit. For an hour and a half 3 nights a week. Well, except for Monday's when I have class, and then DH goes and plays with the Nintendo DS. My activity is much more productive, don't you think?
How am I anti-social? Because DN2 wants me (or us, rather) to sit on the bleachers close to her lane, which is on the other side of the pool from where all the other parents sit. But really, we know that anti-social = shy and that's exactly what I am.
And of course sometimes we head to Friendly's afterwards for ice cream.
Although it's a tad nippley out lately for that, and they're going to close the outside window soon I'm sure.

Yeah, we're working on that "dry your hair before you leave the locker room" thing.
So last night I almost got to the end of the first ball of yarn for My So-Called Scarf. I know, I should have finished it. Especially since we're having company in tonight - my sister-in-law and her sister-in-law are visiting from Japan. Only one overnight, because then they're heading back to NYC and flying home.
And tomorrow night, Saturday, is the big concert for DN1 and myself - all Tori, all day.
We have to be in the theatre in Syracuse by 4:30 for the soundcheck.
Yes, we get to watch the soundcheck. How awesome is that.
And then of course we have to wait until 8:00 for the concert to start. You know I'll be knitting during that time. I wonder if they'll kick us out of the theatre.
Hmmm. So many unknowns.
Guess we'll have to wait and see.
And a big hello to Peaches my KTS4 swap partner!
Sadly she's blogless, but we'll soon change that, won't we.

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Jennifer said...

Ooh - I love it when the children's activities afford you the opportunity to be a) a good mommy and b) a prolific knitter. What a win-win combination. I believe ice-cream is an appropriate treat any time of year, regardless of the weather.

: )

Happy knitting!