Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Transferring the Curse

So my knitting curse has been lifted!
Well at least with regards to my Chevron Scarf.
I haven't knit on that in over four weeks, primarily because something was wrong, I hate tinking, and the operator has an error.
How did my knitting curse get transferred?
Well the way I figure it, it is because my microwave died.
Major Knitter gave me this microwave in 2002 - do you remember that?
It has worked perfectly since then, but all of a sudden it started sparking - on the inside.
And before you ask, no, there was no aluminum foil or anything metal inside.
I think it just went the way of all good microwaves in their planned obsolescence died.
We are now sans microwave, but I want to see how long we can go without one.
There has been a microwave in our household since DH and I bought our first one in 1985.
We don't use it much anymore except for reheating food and cooking frozen vegies.
Of course SN2 doesn't care about my experiment - he wants his Hot Pockets! - so he wants a microwave now!!!
We'll see.
Anyway, that's my theory about the lifting of my curse.
You may scoff and say, oh it was just hard work, studying the pattern and the knitting, and plenty of patience.
I say you are wrong!
My microwave took the bullet for my crappy knitting skills and volunteered itself up as a sacrifice for the greater good of my Chevron Scarf.
Good old Emerson.
We'll miss you.
I do have to find some way to fix my other screwed up projects. long do you think we could live without our refrigerator???


Angelika said...

Nice one. That sure made me smile before I went of to deal with nasty ladies at the tag office (again.)

Micky said...

Well if you can go out to eat every day and still be able to keep the house, toss out that fridge!