Monday, August 27, 2007

The 9-Month Long Beer Pong Tourney Has Officially Begun

Classes are in session starting today and the college students are back.
Friday was mayhem - both during the day as the students moved in and then Friday night as the partying began.
Beer pong tables were taken out of storage, plastic cups placed just so on the table, and there was a run on ping pong balls at Wal-Mart.
Not to mention the amount of beer that was consumed, as well as the traffic through town going to buy said beer. I'm sure only by students who are 21, of course.
Last night I was outside about 10:00 PM and I thought I was in the midst of a controlled burn.
And I'm not talking controlled burning of forests or shrub areas, but that other kind of controlled burn where the substance is still not quite legal.
Yup, they're back.
I'll have to check with Sheri to see if her son got moved into his room.
My YA literature class starts tonight - I'll let you know the reading list, once I get the books.
Just in case anyone is interested.
I know Caroline would be - because she's cool like that.
I do know that my course is "plugged in" so we'll be accessing and uploading stuff via iTunes University.
I'm anxious to see how that will work out -- I feel so cutting edge!
Purchased some yarn on Saturday but I've been too busy knitting (Yea!) to take any pictures.
Talk to you later!

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Caroline said...

You're cool yourself. I do want to see the reading list. The YA Literature course I took the year I thought I would be an "information scientist," (80's term for librarian) we had to read 20 Newbury Award winners for one of our assignments. Loved it! I probably told you that before. We're starting to have a history:)