Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Snail Mail Day

I was just over looking at pictures on my friend Caroline's blog and I left a comment letting her know I had received her package.
She sent me a book over a week ago and I was remiss in not letting her know immediately that I had received it.
Shame on me - 20 push ups as punishment.
But really I wanted to send her a letter and thank her.
And I have, because I love sending and receiving letters.
How many of you miss receiving letters in the mail?
I know that the immediacy of email is fantastic and we are really able to connect with people all over the world but I do miss coming home and finding a letter waiting for me.
I still do get some from, and send them to, my elderly aunts, but at 86 and 93 how much longer will they be writing to me?
Sometimes it is nice to sit down with some good stationery and a nice pen and write a letter.
My friend Joani sent DN2 a card the other day. Joani makes her own cards and they are gorgeous! I try but it's really just me, a stamp and some colored pencils - I could rip out a page from a coloring book and it would be about the same. But Joani has ribbon and attachments and stamps and her artistic placement of these is lovely.
So Joani sent DN2 a card just because.
And we live in the same town!
I thought it was a wonderful gesture, and DN2 got a kick out of it too.
Anyway, I propose that we all sit down and write a letter (or send a card) to someone - anyone - and just make their day.
It doesn't have to be long, just a note to say you're thinking of that person.
With all the bills we get in the mail it is always nice to have a good mail day, even when it arrives via snail mail.


Angelika said...

Really bills and credit card offers is all I get in the mail. But nowadays people are so hessitant with giving out their home address too, because of all the scams. It's kinda sad, if you think of it.

Purl said...

I think that's why we knitters like swaps--it's a way to get good mail!