Monday, August 06, 2007

My Crap Yarn Cup Runneth Over

So it's Saturday night and what do you do?
If you're me (and trust me you don't want to be) you organize your yarn.
And that's what I did this past Saturday.
I decided enough was enough, I was tired of digging through X number of plastic bins to find something and then not being in control of my stash.
I sorted it according to those high standards of mine:

One bin for crap yarn - anything made entirely of acrylic

The exception being - one bin for novelty yarn

(And yes, I'm counting mohair as novelty and not wool. This is the Julie Decimal System, deal with it.)

And the other exception being the one bin for LionBrand yarn - some of this may be "crap" yarn, but it should be sorted separately; don't ask me why, that's just what my Saturday evening, wrapped up in listening to The Prisoner of Azkaban brain told me to do

Then a bin for wool - and this is primarily 100% wool, not wool blend

A bin for lace yarn - I really, really need to start knitting lace (first step, get organized - Check!)

A bin for kitchen cotton - because as Purl says, sometimes when your knitting is jinxed or cursed, knit a dishrag!

There's a bin for cotton - like KnitPicks cotton, etc.

And finally a bin for sock yarn - lovely, lovely sock yarn - it's a small container, but filled with some jewels - now I just need to get busy

From all this work I realized several things.
One, I have some really nice yarn, and my stash is not necessarily out of control just not exhibitive of well-planned purchases.
Two, I really need to find another book that helps me deal with those odd bodkins* - the single skeins of Homespun - honestly, how many scarves can I knit for bus drivers?
Three, my crap yarn cup truly runneth over - I can't even get the lid on this bin!
But at least I'm organized and can now find what I need in the future.
As long as I can remember how I categorized everything.

*Yes, I know this is not the correct usage of this idiom but I felt like throwing it in there. Please do not sic the grammar police on me.


knitting harvest said...

Good work on organizing all of that. I like the system of putting common fibers together. I may have a new project to do when I clean through the room with my yarn again.

Angelika said...

What's with the organising? I just went through my younger son's room yesterday and today I'll hit the older ones. Today is trashday too, so good riddens to anything that pisses me off today. Talk about PMS. And yes, you need to start knitting socks and lace.

Purl said...

I need to do the same! I can never find anything I want, and I need to come to terms with my stash. I like your way of organizing--getting that specific would help.

Tracy said...

Nice organization! You give us hope that it can be done! ;o) *SIGH* off to my scary, disorganized stash...