Monday, August 20, 2007

My Awesome Consumer Power Has Caused the Summer To Come To An End

We live in a very old house.
150 years old to be exact.
You would think with the 10 foot ceilings the air would circulate rather well and it wouldn't be quite so hot in the summer.
At least that was my rationale, because it is so tit-freezing cold in the winter that I thought, well we'll have it nice in the summer.
Apparently not.
The hot air just gets trapped inside the house and all one can do is sit on the couch and sweat like a pig. (And for me, bemoan my lack of knitting ability. Again.)
Or we could go hang out in the basement but I'm not going down there. Never.
So we got the opportunity to buy two used air conditioning units for $45. They are only one year old and the guy who sold them to us is a friend of my mother's and he bought them for his house last year and then this year decided to get central air.
We only put one air conditioner in the window in the living room because it started getting kind of chilly and we thought, well as soon as it warms up we'll install the other.
Since then we've run it twice.
It works, yes, without a doubt it cools the room.
But the thing is, Mother Nature has taken care of ending summer here, and I think she is putting the blame on Mame. Or us.
We purchased air conditioners, ergo, she let summer come to an end.
And it's only August!!
As I sit here in my living room at 6:00 in the morning I know that it is only 59 degrees outside (because The Weather Channel told me so).
Looks like we're not living in the South anymore, Toto.
Yesterday felt like a mid-September day and if I'm not mistaken it is still mid-August, right?
I don't know, I just can't figure it out.
Do we need a jump-start on winter? Perhaps Mother Nature thinks so but I don't.
Because it's not like our winters are unnecessarily harsh or anything!

(For the record, this is actually a picture of the Oswego area, and they are around the lake from us about 100 miles or so. They get dumped on because they are at the eastern-most tip of Lake Ontario. We do get a lot but we're south of Ontario province and get a lot of the residual Canadian snow, but not necessarily "dumped on." Sometimes it just depends on what county you live in. Regardless, I'll still take the blame for the early end of summer. I'm sure it has to be my fault somehow.)

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