Friday, August 17, 2007

Anxiously Awaiting the Sequel

How many of you out there will be watching High School Music 2 tonight?
I have a date with my daughter to watch it.
My son is going over to a girl's house to watch it with her, although why she couldn't come over here is beyond me.
(Perhaps because his mother is crazy? That could be it. And probably because her house is cleaner than ours.)
I'd love to know how many households will be tuned in and watching the romance between Troy and Gabriella.
Sad that I even know their names, right?
But I have a date in front of the television tonight at 8:00 with DN2.
DH doesn't know it yet but so does he.
Why? Because we're all in this together.
Ha ha ha!!!

I seriously crack myself up.
(If you don't get this reference then you need to get out to the video store or tune in to Disney Channel and watch High School Musical the first.)
While it's on I'll be working on either some cross stitch or burning sage and removing pins from a voodoo doll in order to break my knitter's curse.
Any big plans this weekend?
After the big premiere tonight I'll be catching up on Ryan's Hope, watching movies and grocery shopping for my mother.
And as for cleaning - What's that?


Angelika said...

See how deprived I am growing up in a different country? I have no idea what you are talking about.

Caroline said...

Julie, how can I have teenagers AND teach high school and not know anything about High Scool Musical, except that the kids love it. I'd better get with the program.

I received your letter today. That was so nice of you, and you really have inspired me to start doing a little more letter writing myself.

I love your idea about writing our names in knitting books and passing them along. Actually, I even have a book in mind for us to start with. I bought it a while back from a list of books that weren't "knitting centered," but had a lot of knitting in them. I'm going to read it, and if I like it, I'll send it on to you with my signature and maybe a couple of comments about it. We''ll start a new trend.