Wednesday, August 08, 2007

She Gets a Commission, I'm Still in the Red

So my youngest daughter is making bracelets.
She's only 8 and using stretchy cord to tie them up, but I think she shows a surprising talent for putting colors and textures together.
I'm a bit biased anyway.
But last month she and I went out to dinner at TGIFriday's with my friends Jean and Sheri.
All we did was laugh throughout the entire dinner and DN2 became enamored of these friends of mine. After all they were FUN!
And they both wanted her to make them bracelets.
Right after the dinner (which was at the mall) DN2 and I went over to Michael's and she picked out some more beads.
Ergo, there's me going into the red spending the money, but hell it's a creative, crafty activity and beats playing XBox 360 games.
So then she kept bugging me asking, "When are we going to give Jean and Sheri their bracelets?"
I took a couple of days off to spend with her, although yes I do have other children but none of the others are quite as concerned with monopolizing my time. Anyway we made plans for Monday to go out to the hospital where Jean and Sheri work, have lunch and deliver their bracelets to them.
All DN2 did was laugh throughout lunch.
And marvel at the fact that Jean and Sheri know everyone in the hospital (except the patients).
So it was good fun.
But it was during lunch that DN2 realized she was a paid artist as Jean and Sheri both gave her a commission for making their bracelets.
She was thrilled!
Did any of that money go back to good old mom who is footing the bill for the beading supplies?
No, but that's okay.
There's an arts and crafts festival this weekend.
Maybe I can get her to set up a table and recoup my investment.


Angelika said...

That is too cool. Even my 10 year old son sometimes shows interest in crafts, even the stringy ones. Get her going and you get some more knitting done and you'll have your own permanent booth at the bazaar.

Jennifer said...

Sign me up for one. I might even reimburse Mom, too. Next time we want to see pictures, though. Go DN2! I always knew you'd be an entrepreneur.