Thursday, August 23, 2007

Doing What Makes You Feel Good

There are several things in life that can make you feel really good.
This is a clean, family blog, so no we're not going there.
(Pointing a finger at Jean, Sheri and Kat.)
I'm talking about two specific things that really work wonders:

Buying new lipstick
Coloring your hair (which you know I desperately need to do)

Okay, the list could continue with things like having a good mail day, buying new yarn, making significant strides on a project - well you get the picture.
Yesterday was a hard day at work.
Not bad, just very busy and I know I'm going to have to get in there early today in order to get some things accomplished before a meeting with my boss at 10:00.
But tomorrow is Friday and then next weekend is Labor Day - so that's all good, I have a class starting on Monday (Young Adult Literature) and SN2 made the Varsity soccer team at school yesterday - he's totally psyched about that and we're all very proud of him.
Where did my summer go?
I do have a point to this post -- it is to tell you about my crappy day and how I made it better.
I bought some new lipstick at Macy's!
This is exactly why you are tuning in here, right?
Doubt it - but bear with me - I need to purge my bad day and this is the best way I know how.
So here it is -- it's Lancome Femme Magnetic and it is really not as dark as it looks:So when I go to work today, things will be looking up for me and I will feel strong and powerful mostly because of the armor I wear (which is really my new lipstick).
If I really want to feel powerful today I can always wear my Bee Goddess necklace:
Well I don't know, I don't need to run the world, just find a way to get through Thursday.
Have a great day!


Micky said...

Yea coloring the hair is always good. I get bored with my hair easily.
Hope today goes better for you.
After yesterday, I'm still floating around. Not believing it yet.

Caroline said...

Oh yes, lipstick, particularly Lancome lipstick can turn a bad day around. I'm ALMOST jealous of you taking the Young Adult Literature course. I love so many books in that category.

Have you noticed that someone has started an Anne of Green Gables Along? I haven't joined yet, but I'm planning to. Sounds fun.