Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Urban Girl

And here are some pictures of my Emergency Room bag:I'm calling it urban girl because it looks like camouflage to me but with pink and brown.
I used two skeins Patons Classic Merino Wool in Rosewood.

I knew that box of cereal from Tops would come in handy for something. See my bad cat Benno in the background there? He thinks he's an outdoor cat. He is not. And he needs to keep his butt inside.
And here are the raccoon tail straps. They actually resemble Benno's tail. Jennifer used handles for hers, but since I was at the hospital on Saturday and not leaving anytime soon I decided to knit straps. I think this will work pretty well for an 8 year old, don't you? Seriously.

Here's my favorite purchase of all from Parkleigh:

It's a coaster, but I think that it is truly a summation of my purpose here on this earth. If you can't read it, it says, "I'm not here to make things better, only to observe and pass judgement."

And to my friend Kristi, since I'm slowly but surely working my way towards looking like this old lady, will this picture suffice?

Thanks for your well wishes for my mother, she's doing fine. I don't need a crystal ball to see into the future because I already know that she'll recover completely and when she's a bit more mobile she will tell everyone the story of how she broke her hip. That's my mother, she's good at making any short story into a long one.

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