Monday, July 23, 2007

Back to the regularly scheduled copacetic life

On Friday night DN1 and I went to see a lady who read our tea leaves and used other methods of divination to give us insight into our future.
Cost = $5.00 each.
Not priceless, like the commercials would have you believe.
And it was cash anyway, not Visa.
DN1 was quite pleased with her visit and she told me on her way out of the shop after her reading when she was on her way to have some pumpkin cookies and butter beer, "Mom, keep an open mind."
I said, "My mind is open!"
"No, sometimes you have a very closed mind."
"Not true," I sputtered to myself.
And I was very nice to the lady, who is a very nice lady anyway, but she certainly did not tell me anything new or earth shattering.
Her primary message from the tea leaves is that she sees a path for me and that path is the one I'm supposed to stay on - it is a very strong, true path.
Okay, but it's also a contextual path because is she talking family, career, future goals, what?
Then she told me that at the bottom of my tea leaves she sees a heart.
Is it because I showed up with three of my kids?
I think the wacky lady at the bookstore doing the palm readings at least gave it a go.
I tried to explain to DN1 yesterday in text messages, not necessarily the best method of communication, that I live my life by signs and symbols anyway and do a bit of my own fortune telling so it's almost unlikely that she could tell me anything new.
Why do I think my divination skills are better?
Well I can't tell anyone else's future for them, but I can certainly over-analyze and foretell my own.
And I know sometimes who is calling when the phone rings - without looking at the caller ID.
It's the Scot in me.
Right Ken?
(That's my brother, I know he will agree.)
Anyway it was all in the spirit of fun so I don't want to be overly snarky.
But it wasn't what I thought, or feared, it would be.
Fortunately, all is copacetic.

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Kat said...

You can't overanalyze the fortune telling. You have to tuck it away and one day go, "oh yeah! that's what she meant..."

Save the overanalyzing for commenting on my life, I need the help sorting things out... ha ha. :)