Monday, July 16, 2007

The Curse

No this is not a post about getting my period.
That's definitely TMI.
But sometime I may fill you in on my idea to bring back the menstrual hut.
Seriously, a week of being considered "unclean" and not having to work but staying somewhere else? I'm all over that.
That's a topic for another time though.
Until then you'll have to hear about my most recent curse -- my knitting.
Have you ever had times when nothing goes right?
For example, I'm knitting a perfectly lovely (at least I think so) Chevron scarf.
Could I possibly knit without screwing up?
Not me.
And I cast on for a scarf meant to be a Christmas gift.
I was very proud of myself - here it is July and I'm already working on Christmas gifts. I joined this too, so that may be part of the impetus:

Is there anyway I could not screw up a scarf which only has eight stitches?
This fool here has nine.
Who does that? Honestly.

1 comment:

Kat said...

Have you read the Red Tent yet??????????????? I'm with you on the push for the menstrual tent. What a fabulous thing... how did we manage to lose that?

Okay, and are we still on our swap idea? I have started to get a few things....