Sunday, July 22, 2007

C'est fini

It's over.
I finished the book.
Surprising ending, but then not surprising at all.
I'm not ashamed to say it made me cry, but so did David Copperfield and many other books.
But page 637 broke my heart.
Must remember - they are not real people.
Now I can get back to my knitting.
Maybe do a little cleaning too.
For the record I began reading it at 7:30 Saturday morning.
And yes, it was worth it to stay up past midnight on Saturday in order to pick up the book.


Caroline said...

We just bought Paige her copy this morning. She read all the way home, which was about forty-five minutes, and had planned to spend the day reading....until a friend called. Teenagers!!

Did you send me your home addressl? I've got your book ready for you, but I hadn't gotten an email from you as of this morning. I sent you my home email address a couple of days ago using my school email and I'm worried that it maybe got lost. My home email is rschoneweis at bak (dot) rr (dot) com. No rush, I just was worred that you hadn't gotten my earlier message

Micky said...

Yes that was a rather sad page. Although, that's not the person I thought it might be.

But it's a great one. One to be read and re-read. And since my hubby doesn't read them, I sat and told him the whole story. I made references to previous books even. It was funny.

I cried too in some places. It was so great to read, yet sad that's it's the last.
But then again, now we can read it whenever we like.

Angelika said...

I'm sure your family will be happy to have you back :) Happy cleaning session.

Jennifer said...

I bought my 2nd copy of the book on Sunday (had to give the first one to Primogeniture). I read and read until I was done. Loved it. I probably should have slept instead of read. I had big circles under my eyes on Monday.