Sunday, July 08, 2007

News at 11:00

This just in:

Beached whale surfaces at water park.
Patrons blinded by exposure to startlingly white blubber.
Yes, I went to a water park today.
And...(gasp)...wore a bathing suit!
No one rolled around on the ground screaming, "My eyes are burning! My eyes are burning!"
It was a successful trip.
Some irritating and rude people, though, but that's no big shocker.
Like the woman who found it necessary to have her four small children dress themselves right at the entrance to the women's locker room.
Look lady, no one wants to see your kids in their underoos, most of all people who just want to get in or out the damn door without tripping over your half-naked children.
Other than that it was a great trip.
I'll see how much like a lobster I am in the morning.
Today was supposed to be one of the hottest days this summer - they promised 91 degrees.
When we got to the park at 11:15 it was raining!
The sun was up there in the sky, I knew it because it was daylight (I should be a science teacher, eh?) but it was hidden behind clouds until about 5:00 pm.
So did mensa girl put on any sunscreen?
Hell no.
I did bring my knitting to the park but wasn't able to do any of it.
Surprisingly enough it is awfully wet at a water park.
Who would have figured that would happen.
I did get my yarn in the mail for my Chevron Scarf KAL.
I present to you yarn in many (or at least three) moods :

On top of some lemon balm.

Silently reposing on the railing.

Trying out the new Raleigh Coaster bike in the garage.

Wait, what's this?
Someone has a new bike?
They sure do!

Well it's a great bike, but so is my scarf.
No wait, my scarf isn't a bike.
But it would look great on me if I had a new bike.
What do you think?


KnittyOtter said...

Your yarn choices look great for that scarf. :D

Angelika said...

Ok, the bottom of your post got a little confusing. Maybe too much sun? Oh, and the lobster effect? I know all about it. Remember, I'm the white european chick. That's why I invested in a months worth of tanning at the salon before I made it out into the real world, without sun burns and no tan lines. Yeah, Baby.

Jennifer said...

You are too funny. I love the story. Love the family fun. Your family is ALWAYS fun. Love DN2's new bicycle. And... I most especially LOVE the chevron scarve. I'm so proud of you and your knitting prowess. To think of those days with the meager dishrag...

; )