Friday, May 25, 2007

Young Entrepreneurs

There's this kid who hangs around town.
Lots of kids do that, but this one carries a sign.
During the college festival (where we got the goldfish and listened to Reel Big Fish perform) we saw this kid carrying a sign that said, "Will kick self in head for $1.00."
You couldn't miss him, he was flashing it to everyone.
According to SN2 he made about $85 during the college festival.
A fool and his money and all that, right?
So tonight as we're exiting the theatre via a side door (coming out of POTC 3 which is looooong, good, but overly long), we come upon a group of kids.
As we approached them we had the opportunity to see one kid kick another in the nuts.
I'm not a guy, but it looked painful to me.
Guess who was getting kicked.
Our young entrepreneur.
It's Jackass, small town style.
And he's obviously intent on making a fortune.

1 comment:

Angelika said...

I'm sure there are better ways to make money. This one seems to be on the painful streek. Hopefully he'll find his true calling - soon, before he uses all this money on medical bills.