Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dinner Dates and Sunny Saturdays

My post yesterday didn't let anyone leave comments.
Not that anyone would want to leave comments on my rant, but I have to tell you it was not intentional.
It was all Blogger.
Last night I went out to eat at at Red Osier's outside of LeRoy with some friends from work.
What a great time we had, and I have to tell you the food was amazing!
But the company was even better.
Now it is Saturday morning and there is nothing I love better than sitting out on my front porch in my rocking chair and listening to the birds sing.
All I'm missing is a shotgun and my jug of moonshine.
Tee hee.
I've been working on a mitten for DN2 but the pattern is not very well written and I had to improvise.
Which for me is not a good thing.
Because instead of having my cables branch gracefully outward, they look like a dead limb with some knots sticking straight up.
Oh well, it's a mitten.
And knitting mittens is enjoyable for me.
I still have one on the needles that I need to fix.
Shoot I have a lot of things I need to fix.
And one thing I need to take care of is keeping my darn cats out of my yarn.
They are driving me crazy!
Anyway, it's a sunny Saturday and we're off to town to buy a birthday present for DN2's friend.
SN2 will be at the prom, SN1 will be working, DN2 will be at a sleepover, who knows where DN1 will be -- only DH and I will be at home.
Now let's see if I can stay awake past 9:00.


Justine said...

for the record, i don't try to avoid seeing you all. sadly these first two weeks of my summer are INSANE. especially today. that and i'm pretty pooped. mommy can you and i have dinner sometime? you aren't turning into grandma. it's just like when we all used to live back home. that's all.

and the only reason i'm leaving this on this post, is cause you're other one's being dumb and not letting me do anything. boo to that shiznit. haha

Kat said...

funny, i always picture you with a shotgun and a jug of moonshine... ;)