Tuesday, May 15, 2007

There are dead fish in my laundry room

And boy do they stink.
No one has gone fishing lately.
But the dead fish are there nonetheless.
How did they get there?
Why are they dead?
They are goldfish that DN1, DN2 and DN2's friend Hi-Hi got at the street festival in town two weeks ago.
And they stink.
They stink so much I have to say it twice.
Should I clean them out?
I could, but I figure it is not my responsibility.
I didn't want the fish in the first place -- nothing against goldfish, but I prefer these:

to these:

I'm sure with much care and love certain goldfish can last for a long time.
Or at least over 24 hours.
We "won" some at the carnival last year and they died overnight.
How come PETA doesn't start protesting over the treatment of goldfish?
Someone had better get in there and clean out the fish - because even the cats won't touch them.

1 comment:

Kat said...

Carnival fish. They never have a fighting chance because we begin our relationship with them by bonking them on the head with ping pong balls. Its a downhill slide to stinkdom from there.