Thursday, May 24, 2007

Swan Sightings

Kat sent me this link today.
I was sitting in a computer training class all day (Access) so it wasn't a bad day, but of course I couldn't click on the link to watch the scene - can you imagine the music playing while the instructor is talking?
That would have been bad.
So I came home and watched the video.
I can only think that Kat and I must have talked about this movie at some point (we've talked about a lot of things, many of them not fit for print) and come to the conclusion that we both liked it.
Let's be honest, it's really not a good movie at all.
The songs are good, and to be truthful I do like Olivia Newton-John, but what makes it worth watching is this person:
This picture is not from "Xanadu", it's from The Warriors, a family favorite and truly an amazing movie.
DH likes to watch it because he grew up in NYC in the 70s so it's familiar territory for him - kind of a trip down memory lane.
I like it because it has a great story, it's based upon a Greek tale, and well, it has Michael Beck.
So back to "Xanadu" - not one of his better movies, but what can you do - you take what you can get.
Watch for yourself and see what you think:

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Micky said...

OMG! I love this movie. Mostly because of him!
I own it and am not ashamed to say so.