Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mary, Mary quite contrary, it's raining so you don't have to water your plants

Rodale publishes books containing a plethora of information on plants.
But don't you think they should publish a book about weeds?
Fortunately they have and I need to buy it because I don't need information on how to grow weeds, they can certainly do that on their own, but on how to identify them. Especially in the beginning stages of germination when you can't really tell a weed from a plant.
I planted some flowers and plants last year and they're coming up wonderfully (I say wonderfully because anything other than dead is wonderful).
Lily of the Valley, Lemon Balm (which smells lemony but sometimes I think I should be polishing my furniture with it), Lavender and a Hibiscus. Yes, one Hibiscus.
Miraculously they are all coming in.
I'm not a master gardener.
Merely a novice.
And even then a lazy one.
I work on the theory that plants are much smarter than me and will know what to do even if some idiot screws it up. Like if you plant the bulbs upside down the flowers will still strive for the light.
This is what I'm worried about with my bleeding heart (sample picture inserted, this is not a picture of my plant and you'll find out why in a sec):
I'm really not sure if I planted it right side up or upside down.
But it's raining and then the sun will shine and the plants will know what to do.
Thank goodness.

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Purl said...

I had the same problem when we had a flower bed. It was hard to tell the difference between the flowers and the weeds.