Monday, May 21, 2007

Did summer end already and I missed it?

I got an email today from Fashion Bug with this subject line: Last days of Summer Sale + $15 off $75 purchase

Did I miss summer? Because yesterday it was 54 degrees here, which could constitute fall weather, but it is still spring. So how can you have a sale and call it the "Last Days of Summer" when the last time I checked summer doesn't even begin until June 21.

It boggles the mind.


Angelika said...

Your weather there in NY is sure not up to the norm. That might have put some people into hybernation and they missed out on the spring and thought it's fall again. Take advantage and go shopping if they offer it.

Jennifer said...

Hmmmm. That is strange. It just goes to show that having Christmas things out in October means that merchandisers have really lost touch with reality and the calendar as well.

Kat said...

you know i just can never understand the fashion biz... in Hawaii they sold winter clothes in the winter, even though it was 80 degrees out... when i was pregnant with Movie Boy (a february baby) i could not get appropriate maternity clothes, only turtlenecks and long pants and sweaters... what the heck?

Unknown said...

I hate this long-time policy. When I lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota, you would be in big trouble if you needed to buy winter things after January. Stores were already stocking summer things.