Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's coming tonight

Big snow.
For us, at least.
In the Oswego area they've reached over 12 feet.
We're just expected to get between 5 to 8 inches tonight and tomorrow between 8 and 12.
A mere pittance, right?
I'm looking forward to it.


Jennifer said...

Me too! They originally told us a foot of snow. Now they're saying light snow, getting heavier, turning to rain. Boo hoo. I guess the kids will probably have school on Valentine's Day afterall. Enjoy your snow day!

Laura said...

It's 56 degrees here today with rain for tonight. No snow for North Carolina!

Angelika said...

It's even 71 here in GA, but we'll get some rain tonight. Tallahassee was great weather last weekend, but I think you can forget about snow down here. I think about you up north every time I put on a t-shirt. Sorry, I had to rub it in.:)

Kat said...

It has been raining here and will continue through morning but its in the 50's.

Justine said...

mommy...i wanna come home and sit by the fireplace...