Monday, December 15, 2008

You Are Not Alone

Yesterday at Sunday School, I was serving snacks to the kids prior to beginning the lesson when a voice appeared next to me and said, "You are not alone, Julie."
It startled me because it was unexpected, and for a fleeting moment I thought, "Am I having some kind of epiphany here and God is speaking to me in a woman's voice? Can I still pass out Oreos and listen to God?"
I quickly turned my head and it was only Cindy, and she appeared to be moving her mouth and speaking to me.
Seriously, I had to shake my head - it was the weirdest moment.
What she had to tell me, though, kind of threw me for a loop.
I sit on the Board of Christian Education at church (yes, I know, hard to believe, but it's a learning experience for all of us) and I am the co-Chair.
On Thursday our Chair sent an email to all of us stating that she was resigning from the board for personal reasons.
I put that email on the back burner (Scarlet O'H style) to think about once my paper was completed (22 pages, plus 2 pages of works cited, turned in 10 minutes before deadline, thank you very much).
Next Sunday is the children's program at church, and we usually have a reception after the program. The Chair of our Board is in charge of coordinating this event....and you see where this is going, don't you?
Well you saw it before me, I have to tell you.
Then I found out from Cindy, the voice of God, who, when I said, "Well Linda is here and she can help," told me, "No, she's with her daughter in another state who is in premature labor."
"Oh," I said, "Well I guess I am alone," to which Cindy said, "No, I just came to tell you that you are not alone."
Reassuring words anywhere you hear them, and from anyone.
Guess I better start working out a game plan.

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Jennifer said...

This is the reason I adore you. You can turn total chaos into the most fun!