Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Perfect CD for Christmas Eve

Did you make it through yesterday's post?
It was long, I admit, but it's fun listening to all the new Christmas music out there.
Again, I do it for you.
There is one other CD I purchased that I did not include.
It would have overshadowed all the other CDs, so it deserves a post by itself.
It is the PERFECT Christmas CD.
Would I recommend it to everyone?
Well let me ask you a few questions to see if you meet the criteria.

a) Do you like to hear funny stories about Christmas?
b) Do you like to hear these stories told by a man with a dry sense of humor?
b) Do you like to take these funny stories and then share them?
c) Do you like to laugh?
d) Do you like to laugh out loud?
e) Do you like to laugh so hard and unexpectedly that you spew liquid out of your mouth?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this CD is for you.
It's definitely for me.
Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe: A Christmas Collection.
I've listened to this three times already, and that's no small feat.
It is a two-disc set, so that involves a lot of listening time, but Stuart McLean is the master.
I shush people around me if they talk while I am trying to listen.
And this has been on the second and third listen, so it's not new material.
I just want to savor every bit.
Taking a long car ride this winter season?
Then get this CD, and you won't regret it.
Sitting around knitting?
Again, this CD is perfect for that time.
Well if you have to do it, this CD will accompany you through that necessary drudgery.
I would like to provide you with a caveat.
I thought I knew Canadians pretty well, after all they're just across the lake from us, we use their coins as currency, and we love their country.
So I want to warn you that there are some Canadian allusions on this CD that I just don't get.
Don't let that stop you, the whole dang thing is one of the funniest things you'll ever listen to, and it's safe enough for your parents as well.
Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!
As you're reading this I'm probably at the mall spending my hard-earned money purchasing last-minute Christmas presents.
Tomorrow's the big day and I'm not ready!

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