Monday, December 22, 2008

Cover All Exposed Flesh

Life in a snowglobe is not that warm.
We have had so much snow, and it just keeps coming.
My kids are happy because this will be their first white Christmas.
It's pretty out there, but it sure is dangerous.
We went out in the truck last night (using 4-wheel drive), and took DN2 to a friend's house.
Our speed averaged 15 mph.
You just can't see the road, and SN2 kept asking me to do something fun, like doughnuts, or just let the rear slide around.
I told him no.
We were driving through a deserted parking lot at the time.
No cars around, so we could have had a good time with the truck, but still, no.
Want to know why?
This is why.
He said, "You never want to do anything fun."
I replied, "Wait a minute, it's after 11:00 at night and I came up here to help tow your friends out of a snowbank because their car got stuck while they were doing doughnuts in the parking lot. No fun here, buddy, you should be glad I came out to help."

He still doesn't get it.
And I let the high school boys attach the tow rope while I stayed in the truck.
They were cursing up a storm because they were so cold.
Silly boys.
Like I said, pretty snow, but very dangerous conditions.
Surprisingly, it snowed about 3 inches during the hour and a half we spent in church yesterday.
My guess is that we have close to 12".
And we have had blowing winds that cause white outs (and drifts).
I came downstairs this morning and the side door windows had frost....on the inside!
Today we are still in a storm warning until about 7:00, with lake-effect snow expected.
(Guess who's not going to work today, or tomorrow, or the day after!)
And the advisory tells us that it will be very cold (last night at 11:00 it was 11 degrees, although the wind chill was less than that).
So yes, cover all exposed flesh - it's not going to get warm again any time soon.

* I'll post pictures later when I can gear myself up to go outside in the cold.

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