Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sometimes what you're looking for....

This will be a stressful month.
I can tell that already.
I entered this month knowing that.
It doesn't make it any easier.
So much is going on that I'm having trouble focusing on getting anything accomplished because I need to get it all done.
Some of the stress is coming from knitting.
(A new category for everyone to blog about -- stressful knitting)
I began a Christmas stocking to give to the family we've adopted for work, and I'm on the foot, but haven't been able to knit on it for a while because I misplaced a needle.
Utilizing my Scarlet O'Hara philosophy for solving problems, I waited to think about it tomorrow.
After a doctor's appointment yesterday I ran out to Toys 'R Us to pick up a play toaster for the child in the same family. I had found one on the internet but never got around to ordering it, so I was in a panic to find one.
Honestly - a toy toaster?
A phone call to Toys 'R Us confirmed they had one in stock, and I wanted to make sure since our closest store is 15 miles away.
We got into the store, I asked where it would be, and we headed to that aisle.
The three of us looked in that aisle, looked in the one before it, the one after it, the one on the side, and just could not find a toaster.
SN2 told me to go ask a clerk again, and I said, "no, let me look just one more time."
Back into the aisle, and...there it was! - right in front of my face - at eye level!
We had passed it at least three times!
On the way home I passed JoAnn's and thought about pulling in to get another set of size 8 DPs to finish my stocking, but thought that I should just see what I had at home.
Last night while watching NCIS, I finally pulled out my Christmas stocking to see which needles were missing.
I sat there with my tub of DPs, ready to plumb its depth to find a substitute needle.
The stocking came out - three needles on the stitches.
Wait, what was this?
The extra needle was right there at the bottom of the bag!
The needle was never missing?
I wasted WEEKS not knitting this stocking - that needs to come into work with me on Friday - and the needle was right there all the time?!?!
If I've learned nothing else yesterday, besides an important lesson about not procrastinating, I need to remember that sometimes what you're looking for is right there in front of your face.

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