Monday, December 29, 2008

Busy Knitting

I would have blogged right after Christmas, but I was busy knitting.
Or thinking about knitting.
Or planning on knitting.
Or watching movies and knitting.
You get the picture.
Want to know why I was so busy?
I was spoiled at Christmas by these 2 fabulous gifts:

Knit Picks Harmony Double Points
(sock knitting here I come)

...these fantastic interchangeable circulars.

I had told DH I wanted the circulars, but he totally surprised me with the DPs.
How thrilling, seriously.
So you can see why I've been busy, right?
Now back to my sock.


Kat said...

Oh wow! A husband who knows how to shop for knitting needles??? Did the Marines teach him that? ;)

Caroline said...

That's one impressive husband.

Jennifer said...

Oh - he's such a good husband! Lucky girl. I wonder what you'll be knitting first.

Angelika said...

I don't blame you for knitting a lot. I love my Harmony DPNs and I'm glad they come in a set of 6. Ask me how I know that.