Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Tomorrow is the big day, the start of a new year.
The day when we put all our resolutions into effect and get a fresh start.
It's also the time to shed some of our bad habits, the ones that keep that proverbial monkey on our back.
But really, are all of our habits bad ones?
There are some things I do that really don't bother me.
As a matter of fact, I quite enjoy these activities, even if they drive others around me a tad crazy.
Too bad.
In 2009 I resolve to continue to do the following:

1. I resolve to continue to sing along in public to the songs that play in stores.

This annoys DN2; actually I think it embarrasses her, but sometimes I just can't help it. And if a good song comes on, you can bet I'll be singing. Even if I'm by myself.

2. On the same note, I resolve to continue to talk to myself in public.

No, I don't have a mental problem, I just enjoy the company I'm keeping, and we both think we're excellent conversationalists.

3. I resolve to continue to knit in public.

Yet another activity that annoys DN2, especially at the movies. Hey, once the
popcorn has been consumed, I have to find something to do with my hands.

4. I resolve to have more than one knitting project going at a time.

Seriously, how can you only have one?

5. I resolve to carry no more than two knitting projects at one time.

One to knit on, and the other to switch to when the first one begins to bore me.

6. I resolve to continue chain reading books.

The way my family tree works, I should live to be about 95. Subtract 10 years or
so for unhealthy living, and that puts me at 85 by the time I kick the bucket.
I'm 45 now, so I have only 40 more years of reading time left. I need to consume as much of the written word as I can.

7. I resolve to continue to carry at least one book, and sometimes two, with me at all times.

What if I finish one? What if I'm kidnapped and this is all I have to keep myself entertained? Seriously, these are things I think about. Operational risk.

8. I resolve to continue to horde chocolate so that no one else can eat it.

Do you think I'm able to keep all my bags of Cadbury Mini-Eggs throughout the year by sharing them with people? Hardly. For the record, I still have 2 bags left.
Now if I just let anyone get into that stash, do you think I'd be starting the new
year with 2008 Easter candy still on hand? I think not.

There you have it, all of my habits that I just don't think are bad ones and I'm going to keep on doing into the new year.
Tomorrow, perhaps, I'll share some of my resolutions to fix my life, but for now these aforementioned resolutions are spot on.


Angelika said...

Those things, the ones that drive the others around you nuts, are the ones that make you unique. That's too funny too. Happy new year to you and a belated christmas too.

Jennifer said...

BF just saw a cartoon the other day - a first date and the man asks the woman (surrounds by piles of STUFF) "You're not one of those horders, are you?"

: D

Wonder why he sent it to me? Should I forward it to you?

Happy New Year!

Caroline said...

Awww. Cadbury mini-eggs. They're so international know...since Cadbury is a British company. It's really a symptom of high culture. I still can't believe that you have the will power not to eat in a couple of sttings.