Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fingerless Mitts to Cover My Paws

Based on Angelika's recommendation, and also upon the fact that I really really like the Fetching wristwarmers, I joined this KAL:

My philosophy is better this time around. I started the KAL before I even joined, and now I have one wristwarmer (the left one) 95% completed (have to do the thumb portion). This way I figure I'm ahead of the game and not months (or years) behind everyone else.

I got this book in the mail earlier this week:

You know I am bound and determined to knit some socks.
I have to go camping with the Girl Scouts next weekend and you know I really don't want to go. But then there's DN2 crying and telling me, "Mommy, you know I can't sleep without you."
Talk about the guilt factor. So I'll be heading out there. It's only one night so it shouldn't be so bad. Besides, I think about Jennifer knitting during her campouts with the Boy Scouts and I use her as my inspiration.
Now with that being said, does anyone have any size 2 DPs I can borrow???


Angelika said...

Blaming me for this one again? I love being the bad one when it comes to KALs and getting you started.

Jennifer said...

I can imagine you know knitting on your campout. All the Girl Scouts are going to hanging on your every stitch. I hope you have a fun time. I bet the Marine in you secretly loves the campout and signs up to be the magical mystical fully trained grand pubah leader of them all. Go Julie!!!!