Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ice Cream Time!

What time is it?
It's ice cream time!
DN2 won a raffle on Saturday because she knew the year the town was founded.
Well, she had a bit of help on the answer.
So we went to the Town Board meeting last night to pick up her prize.
A $20 gift certificate for the local ice cream/candy store!
She was so excited, and she wanted my Hippie Flower Child friend to come along.
We met up at 8:00 and helped ourselves to some frozen treats, courtesy of the town and DN2:

Yes, that is my knitting on the table.
Still plugging away at my Chevron Scarf.
One of these years I'll get it done.
The problem is I knit on it for 4-8 rows and then I get bored.
I'm just about done with my first Fetching wristwarmer.
It is a fast knit, but I have been so busy lately, except Sunday when I sat on my butt for most of the day, watched tv and napped.
Anyway, we had a great evening.
And the ice cream was awesome.
Even if we did have to wear coats when we went out -- yes, it is that cold.


Angelika said...

Wow, summer sure doesn't last long in NY? I enjoy opening the door in the morning and I can actually breath, without it being too muggy. We have dew on the cars and it's still dark. Nice time to really want to take knitting more serious again.

Purl said...

I envy your fall weather! I'm sorry to hear the chevron scarf is boring: I bought yarn to knit one for a friend and one for me.