Monday, September 10, 2007

Feeling Objectified

So we were coming home from the Devil's Store (aka Wal-Mart) last night and as we pulled into the driveway a familiar song finished on the radio and another started immediately after. It was some kind of Top 20 show, and since I'm way out of touch with popular music (although I did watch the first few minutes of the VMA's last night and I did think Britney was pretty horrific) I couldn't tell you what the song was.
Apparently DN2 knew it, though.
As I turned off the truck DN2 had something very interesting to say about this particular song, and songs of its ilk (and I've edited the conversation, leaving out my "Ohs" and "Ums" and such):

"I hate songs where they only talk about a girl's body. It's like all that matters to them is someones breasts or their butt. It makes me feel abused, sexually abused."
Wow, how do you answer that? On one hand I am so glad that she recognizes objectification when she hears it and sees it (although she still plays with Bratz dolls). And I'm so pleased that she realizes that there is more to a girl/woman than body parts, and remember she's only 8 and she has come to this conclusion on her own.
But where do we go next?
Perhaps we might start with a trip to the Susan B. Anthony House and other female empowerment activities.
I have to tell you, though, I wasn't expecting this one, although I'm glad she's aware.

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