Thursday, September 06, 2007

Now That the First Day is Over....

Do you remember how it is on the afternoon of Christmas Day?
The presents have all been opened, you know there are not anymore gifts coming your way, you probably didn't get what you wanted anyway, and you're just tired and have a headache from waking up way too early.
You look around at all the decorations and think, "Damn, now I have to put these things away."
That's when you know that the Christmas spirit has really left the house.
I fully expect day two of the school year to carry a similar reaction.
So here's a shot of the kids from yesterday when they were excited about heading off to a brand new year and not bored to tears by the drudgery of having to get up and go to school when they'd rather be hanging around the house watching tv, reading, playing Webkinz, and knitting. Oh wait...that's me.
Anyway, here are the happy two:

SN2 and his ride. He hasn't ridden the bus in almost two years.

The long walk...


Caroline said...

They look so cute and happy...that should last at least until Thursday:) Actually, my kids are still pretty happy to be back at school, but I'm already feeling a little tired of the drudgery already, and we've only been in session for three weeks. I enjoyed the knitting all day routine of many of my summer days.

Jennifer said...

Ahhh back to school. What could be better. Kind of makes me wish I would just use my GI bill and go back to school for something fun - like maybe something at the Fashion Institute of Technology? Do you think I could get a Masters in Knitting?