Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinterest - I don't know whether to hate it, or love it

I think I'll go with love it.
The newest mind suck.
Or rabbit hole.
Call it whatever you want, but anyone I know who is on Pinterest can't help but be led along one path, only to divert to another path, and then down another.
It's the "Look! A Squirrel!" reaction for humans.
Today I found my latest obsession, and in my obsessive way decided to share it.
This is so awesome - Mason Jar Meals, as shown on the Big Red Kitchen blog.
Oh, I'm in LOVE with the idea of cooking meals ahead and storing them in mason jars.
If you remember, I have plenty of mason jars due to my last obsession with canning (that was before all the freezing).
And my mother gave me all of her canning supplies, in addition to what I purchased, so I have about two racks in the back room filled with jars and lids.
I would also imagine that since you're just putting your meals in the fridge and not canning them, you could reuse the lids. You know that with canning once that seal on the lid has been used you can't use the lid again.
So in love.
I'm totally cleaning out my fridge (more so than I've already done) and making some mason jar meals.
Of course the hubby has to poke that pin in my Pinterest balloon and tell me, "So what do you need all your Tupperware for?"
I hate it when men inject common sense into a conversation.

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