Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's a Family Afffair

Has that title got you singing?
It does for me - every time.
You know, when you have children you try very hard to help them shortcut through the rough times.
Especially with music.
I ask mine all the time, "Why are you listening to that crap?"
They laugh.
I get serious.
"Listen, there's Yes, the Allman Brothers, Neil Young, and Tori Amos - all sorts of wonderful artists out there who make exceptional music, and not the vulgarity-ridden crap you're listening to."
Sometimes the lesson takes.
We are nothing if not a family of Tori Amos fans.
All of us - yes, even hubby.
Well, fan is a strong characterization - I would say that he has songs that he really likes, and might even have on his iPod, but he's not worshipper of the Cult of Tori like some of us.
But I've talked about music before, so I won't go on about that. Just know that I don't think all new music is bad, however, so give us some props for having great taste in some new tunes - we are nothing if not music-prescient at times - hello - Skrillex - Grammy nom - kudos dude!
Stick with me here, I'm getting to the segue.
So yesterday I'm in the car with the sometimes angry beautiful teenage girl and my baby boy, and I said to her, "You know, we need to finish watching Family Affair"
She replied, "Yeah, I know."
And then she did something totally unnatural and completely unexpected.
She started singing, "It's a family affair...it's a family affair."
Know that tune?
It's this one:

Was she actually singing.....gasp.....good music???
She was!
And then, of course, I ruin it by trying to teach a lesson.
"You know," I said, "the song I like best by Sly is 'If You Want me to Stay.' That bass line is remarkable." And THEN I proceeded to start singing.
Way to ruin a magic moment, eh?
Sometimes you just have to let them talk without teaching.
Apparently that's happened with her pulling some Sly and the Family Stone out of her back pocket.
She's listening.
I just need to shut up.
Here's s'more Sly to see you out.

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